Common Sense Policy Accomplishments

You elected me with the understanding that I’d bring home wins for District 8. I’m proud to report that after my first term, we’ve prioritized these to include approving millions more in funding for streets and sidewalks, the hiring of hundreds of new police officers, and bringing thousands of new jobs to the district. We also looked out for our most vulnerable by creating a new shade ordinance for animals, and championed a partnership with K9s for Warriors that will pair 200 dogs a year with Veterans. But we didn’t just stop there, we doubled down on our promise to make sure your voice is heard loud and clear at City Hall. Here are a few wins we’re most proud of:

Protecting our neighborhoods

Leading the charge to ensure that growth in our neighborhoods is done in a responsible and sustainable way, our team took concrete steps such as updating city development forms and working with the District Attorney’s office to safeguard against developers who break the law. While the city’s tree ordinance is a great tool used to preserve crucial tree canopy and limit impervious cover, but we must stay vigilant and hold rogue developers accountable. This means working alongside the rest of the development community, the vast majority of which play by the rules, toward a smart and responsible growth strategy that benefits our community while protecting our natural resources.

Fighting for you on property taxes

Owning a home is still at the heart of the American dream, without a doubt the greatest generator of the middle class this country has ever known. But that dream is now at risk for millions of people across the nation, and San Antonio is not immune. While above average job growth and below average median home prices have largely inoculated us from what the rest of the country has felt for the better part of the last decade, San Antonio’s average home prices more closely resemble that of our Austin, Dallas, and Houston neighbors. Causes for the uptick may vary, but if you’ve owned a home in San Antonio for more than a few years, you know that a real pain point has been the increase in your home’s valuation. That’s why my team and I have filed legislation that requires a comprehensive property tax assessment, to once-and-for-all determine if that pain is justified or not. This trustworthy and objective study is now underway and is expected to reveal areas of improvement. But that’s not all. My team and I have helped train hundreds of homeowners to protest unfair tax appraisals and empowering you to win.

Addressing public safety

San Antonio is projected to grow by 1.1 million people within the next 20 years. If we plan and prepare accordingly, we will create job opportunities, enhance the local economy, and improve the quality of life for all of San Antonio. Unfortunately, this also means more traffic and crime. Supporting budget increases to hire more police officers is one way to counter this inevitability, but it’s not that only one. And for some problems, policing our way out of them simply isn’t feasible. Fortunately, as chair of the newly established innovations and technology committee I’ve led the charge to find innovative solutions to problems such as panhandling. Instead of tying up our police officers, taking them off the street for hours, I’ve tasked city staff to work with external stakeholders to address panhandling through the use of technology. We’ve developed a creative plan to eradicate panhandling and, with your help, we’ll solve this.


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