San Antonio is projected to grow by 1.1 million people within the next 20 years. If we plan and prepare accordingly, we will create job opportunities, enhance the local economy, and improve the quality of life for all of San Antonio.  I have first hand experience with developing practical readiness strategies and urban growth plans. I have successfully wrestled with the complex issues of water sustainability, traffic abatement, mass transit solutions, infrastructure maintenance, land-use planning, and drainage.  I have served on cross-functional teams of experts that have succeeded in bringing about practical solutions to the complexities of population growth. With my experience in public service and business, I can help city council forge a strong plan to respond to the needs we’ll be facing in the next 20 years.



Traffic jams and aging infrastructure are problems that face all of us on a daily bases. I want to tackle these issues and come up with lasting solutions. Using best practices from other cities and working with the resources already available to us, I will work aggressively to address our traffic and roadway issues.  In conjunction with TXDOT, Bexar County, and federal resources, we will find sustainable solutions to our urgent traffic and street needs.



A great city is a safe city. We must all come together, in good faith, and discuss our community's safety needs and strategies. We need homeowners, business owners, police, fire, and the faith community to sit at the table and develop a working plan based on mutual trust, accountability, and transparency. I will work day and night to create and nurture the important relationship we have with our first responders. I will work to make sure that we do not lose sight of the most important goal - - a safe city. 



San Antonio is special because of the natural resources that we steward. Clean water, air, waterways, and green spaces add quality to our lives. We must all work towards ensuring that our future water and energy needs are met, while at the same time ensuring that we preserve those precious resources that make our city a wonderful place in which to live, work, and play. 



Our most important resource is the tax dollar that city council is tasked with managing. Nothing erodes trust faster than wasteful spending and careless administration of projects. Responsibility in fiscal matters mean doing more with less and, in turn, keeping tax payers informed. My experience managing billion dollar projects gives me a unique perspective and a valuable set of skills that I can bring to the table. I will work tirelessly to guard our tax dollars against waste and to maximize how far a tax dollar can be stretched.



In order to effectively compete with other cities for the jobs and investments we want, our airport will be an important resource. I will work tirelessly to bring all stakeholders to the table to discuss our air traffic needs and to develop the appropriate strategy. We must bring the surrounding communities, the county, the airlines, our business community, tax payers and our tourism industry leaders together to create a world class airport that benefits our local community and visitors. 


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